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Pastor’s Note

Third Sunday of Lent ~ 7 March 2021

The Sanctuary of the Lord

“When I prove my holiness among you, I will gather you from all the foreign lands; and I will pour clean water upon you and cleanse you from all your impurities, and I will give you a new spirit, says the Lord.”
Ezekiel 36: 23-26

This Sunday’s entrance antiphon gives us a good summary of the purpose of our six weeks Lenten journey.
A journey that ends at the Baptismal font for some, and a re-commitment through a profession of Faith for the rest of us.  And if the priest is generous with his holy water, you may even get a watery re-commitment blessing.

Remember recently the church has said we must say, “I believe” … and not “we believe… when we make our
profession of Faith.  I also think this attitude is important for our Lenten works, some of our penance must be
personal and private.  Didn’t our Lord say, when you fast… when you give alms… and when you pray
… do it privately.

If you have had time to stop, look and listen…the whole time of Lent has really been about a personal purification of our baptismal commitment.  A commitment;
*to love the Lord your God with all your soul, mind, and hearts.
*to love our neighbour (especially the “neighbour” living in your family).
*to follow the Catholic moral code, which is built on the 10 Commandments, the new Law of  Christ, and the   Vicar (bridge) of Christ here on earth.
*and we are asked to build up the body of Christ.

Jesus said, destroy this sanctuary and I will rebuild it in three days reminds us that the Church is not a whole lot of buildings… but a whole lot of people. A people built by God. In fact, through our baptism we are being continually built up by the Lord into the people of God, the new “Is-ra-el”, a people, “strong-in-God”. It is His great work until the end of the age.

Deep down all of our Lenten works are positive actions as they are making us more open to allowing God to share “everything of His, with everything of ours.” Isn’t that a great way of looking at our Catholic lives.

Also just a reminder…during this distracting time of lockdown remember we can always find Jesus in prayer, because through our baptism Jesus gave us an internal sanctuary of prayer.  The Temple of the Lord is Holy,
and you are that Temple!

Keep up the good work of Lent.

God bless ~ Fr Andrew Matthew
St Benedict’s, Newton



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