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Pastor’s Note

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time ~ 17 February 2019

Beatitudes: Roots that go deep

The Prophet Jeremiah (17:5-8) speaks about the active role of roots that stretch to the stream.

Life is full of ups and downs: challenges, crisis, tragedies all these inevitably come our way. Nevertheless, when we remain plugged into God who is the source of all love, mercy, and goodness, we are like a tree planted by flowing waters, we send out roots deep into the stream.

The Beatitudes are the road map to living this kind of a blessed life, the individuals who live by it are all utterly dependent upon God, they are faithful and prayerful people. They are like trees who can weather the drought and the difficulties in life by stretching their roots to the underground water. They are dependent upon God and feel serene.

This dependence upon God is not a sign of weakness; rather it keeps one in contact with a never-ending source of strength.

In the Beatitudes, Christ has turned upside down accepted worldly standards. According to what Jesus says in the Beatitudes, if we set out with all our energy to acquire the things which the world regards as valuable, we will in all probability get it. But that will be our sole reward.

Whereas, if we set out to be loyal to God and true to the message of Christ, we may be mocked and insulted by the world, but our reward will be great. That reward will be a joyful life lived in union with God, who is the source of all our true happiness.

Hence it is better for us to be wise and follow the road map laid out in the Beatitudes. Jesus is our life-giving stream, he gives us our daily nourishment that we need on this our journey of a Blessed life.

Blessings ~ Fr George Carlos SDB
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